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So you’re writing a blog? Writing something online but cannot find subscribers? Ah…that might seem a little daunting at first. Just writing stuff online is not all there is to it. One has to write, write frequently and gain a loyal list of subscribers. But how does one go about getting a list of subscribers in the first place? No worries. We’ll start here from scratch.

Begin writing.

So you’ve decided to write a blog, or something online. Great. Made your own free website on WordPress or BlogSpot, or elsewhere? No? Then that’s the first thing to do. After this, start writing.

Write well. Write a lot.

Before you think about subscribers, you need to have enough material online so that people feel that subscribing to your writing is actually worthwhile. Do not write just anything on everything. Pick out your niche and write qualitative, helpful, substantial and attractive articles on them. Do so regularly so that your blog gets attention.

Written a fair bit? Now we get to the subscribers.

So you have been writing for a while now. You have dozens of great, informative and fun articles that you want the world to read. You know your articles are good. But you have no idea how to rope in subscribers. Here is where you use your shrewd marketing skills.

Ever wonder why you choose one brand of shampoo over another even though they have the same constituent substances? It’s because of the way one product is better advertised and presented than the other. This is the same thing that has to be done online to create an impressive list of email subscribers.

You need to have catchy (But not tacky) headlines to get potential subscribers’ attentions and get them to see what kind of work you are doing here. Some great catchy headlines you could work upon are listed here.

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