A study showed that more than 60 percent of Google users visit the top three results, with 33% going instantly to the top spot.

Achieving those high rankings can be incredibly difficult as search engines carefully choose a handful of websites that get the maximum share of traffic and losing your place can decrease your inflow of online customers overnight.

Therefore, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes a necessity.

Staying ahead in today’s competitive and search-driven marketplace requires a brilliant SEO strategy. Without it, your website is an empty place that no one visits.

If you’re still looking out for more reasons, we’ll break down the top five for you:


SEO Actually Works

To some, SEO might be like a marketing word used to part business owners from their hard-earned profits. The reality is that SEO actually works.

Using productive SEO strategies will help to improve rankings and draw traffic towards your website. The most beneficial SEO practices are constantly emerging, but many basic elements of SEO are the same even today like they were 10 years ago.

This is great news for small business owners who don’t have the funds to hire an SEO specialist as they can still work their search engine rankings with comparatively simple edits to their websites.


More Consumers Do Their Research Before Buying

Before buying from a particular site, 70% buyers do their piece of research. Based on that report, simply having a functional website isn’t good enough especially if you want to grow your business and pitch new customers.

If your business is buried deep in the search rankings, potential customers won’t find it. And the major part of SEO fills out your website with relevant content. Not only does SEO improve the visibility of your business, but visitors are more likely to become buyers after researching properly optimized websites.

SEO is Very Useful For Small Businesses

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are helping people to find restaurants, retailers and other nearby businesses no matter where they are. An estimated half of over 1oo billion searches are from mobile devices. According to Google’s research, around 50% of consumers who find local businesses on their smartphones visit stores they searched for within 24 hours and that’s big.

Business owners who optimize their local SEO get a chance to instantly connect with shoppers in search of nearby goods and services. It’s a grab-now opportunity unless, you’re sitting on the sidelines and not putting money in SEO.


Your Competitors Are Doing It Too

If your business is lucky enough to have a good search engine ranking without investing much in SEO, don’t get too comfortable. More than half businesses who optimize agree to have recorded a rise in competition across search engine rankings.

Do a quick search for some of your high ranking keywords on the top 10 available spots of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. and you’ll likely find that many other websites competing for those top 10 spots. Everyday new websites are introduced and old ones are improved.


A Top Search Ranking Builds Credibility

A survey reveals that majority of Web users skip the paid ads and focus only on organic search results. When you invest in SEO and get an upper ranking, consumers are more likely to trust your business. Also, a website that is optimised for a high search ranking will be packed with useful content to further bring in sales.

The combination of high-end content and a first page ranking can work wonders for your company. Again, people will only become customers if they are able to find and research your business. A good SEO strategy will help consumers have a positive feeling even before they search for details.

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